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News Archive - 2007



This page holds significant news items that were on the CubaGenWeb Home Page during the year 2007. For previous years consult the index on the left.


Jan 2007 - The Cuban Research Institute invites you to a lecture "Researching and Preserving Black Ecclesiastical Records in Cuba" by Professor Jane Landers of Vanderbilt University. The event will take place on THURSDAY, 18 JANUARY 2007 in room 243 of the the Graham Center at the Florida International University on SW 107th Avenue and West Flagler Street in Miami. To see the announcement click on the above headline. For more information please call the number listed on the flyer.


History of the Cuban Sugar Aristocracy

On Wednesday, May 9, at 7:00 PM there will be a presentation at the Casa Bacardi of the University of Miami, of the book "Historia de la Aristocracia Azucarera Cubana" (History of the Cuban Sugar Aristocracy) by Dr. Rubén C. Arango, Professor of Spanish History, Language and Literature, Saint Thomas University. Among the panelists will be the cuban genealogist Rev. P. Juan Luís Sánchez. "Historia de la Aristocracia Azucarera Cubana" offers the history of Cuba from the point of view of the individuals and families that formed the main nucleus of power, principally during the colonial period and who at the same time formed the cuban sugar aristocracy. The book includes 33 illustrations of old engravings and reproductions of photographs and engravings of various illustrious personages. For more information please call Jorge Piñon at 305-284-2822.


Feb 2007 - We have started a list of digitized books of interest to Cuban Genealogy. These books are available on-line for free download from sources such as Google Books. We thank all those who contributed links to this list. Please continue letting us know of any others that you discover so we can all mutually benefit from these resources.


Mar 2007 - One of our readers, Roger H., has sent us this link, which appears above, to the Municipal Historic Archive of Manzanillo, Cuba. This site, which originates in Cuba, has biographies and several downloadable documents.


Cuba Nostalgia 2007
May 2007 - University of Miami Cuban Family History and Genealogy Project booth at Cuba Nostalgia 2007 (L-to-R: Ed Elizondo, Mariela Fernandez, Jorge Piñon, Jorge Flores). photo courtesy of Jorge Flores.


Eugenio de J. Perez Ferrer, R.I.P.

Jun 2007 - We learned, at the last meeting of the Cuban Genealogy Club of Miami, the sad news that Eugenio de J. Perez Ferrer, the other author of our database on the Ten Years War had died last December. We extend our sympathy to his family and friends. May he rest in peace.


Jun 2007 - We have improved the utility of our list of Generals of the Cuban War of Independence by sorting the list alphabetically by surname and adding a reference to the corresponding page number where the biography appears in Riera's book.



Jul 2007 - We have upgraded all 181 web pages in CubaGenWeb to the latest Web language standard, XHTML 1.0, and performed minor cleanup on some of the older pages. If you notice any errors, please drop us an e-mail. Thank you.



Jul 2007 - Internet spammers have launched widespread attacks on mailboxes this month. Some of these messages ask you to click on a link to retrieve a greeting card from a friend or relative (usually not identified or only with a first name). Clicking on such a link installs a dangerous computer virus in your computer. Other messages include a portable document format ".pdf" file as an attachment. Opening this attachemnt installs a dangerous computer virus in your computer. If you receive any of these types of messages the safest course of action is to just delete them without opening. Visit the Symantec Malware advisory page for more details.


Aug 2007 - We have added partial lists of the first settlers of the towns of San Cristobal de La Habana and Santiago de Cuba.


Sep 2007 - One of our CUBA list readers, Andres M., has brought to our attention a Doctoral Thesis from the Universidad de la Laguna in Tenerife describing the emigration from Northwest Tenerife to America during 1750-1830. This large work includes a 67-page table listing individuals who emigrated to America during this period. For more details and the links to access the document on line, click on the above headline.


Nov 2007 - A cultural artistic event celebrating the contributiion of the Canary Islands to Cuba will take place on Thursday, 8 Nov 2007 at 6:30PM at the Casa Bacardi, 1531 Brescia Avenue (57th Ave & 64St S.W.) in Coral Gables, FL. For reservations call 305-284-5386. For more details click on the headline at the top of this story. The event is being presented by the Instituto de Estudios Cubanos y Cubano-Americanos of the University of Miami and the Office of the Government of the Canaries in the USA.


Dec 2007 - We have just transcribed a list of the 355 subscribers to the Papel Periódico de La Havana, which was published in that newspaper on 12 Aug 1802. This list contains only names, but can serve to verify residency of the named individuals in Habana on that date.


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