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Welcome to the Cuban Surname Query Bulletin Board!


A Bulletin board to post queries about Cuban surnames

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error-file:tidyout.logRules for Use

The following are the official Rules for Use that apply to all Rootsweb/ surname and locality message boards. You can reach these rules when you are visitng any bulletin board by means of the link in the blue bar at the bottom of the page.

Message board use is subject to the Rootsweb/ Terms & Conditions listed here:

Messages must NOT be posted that include:

  • A copyright infringement -- for additional information, click here.
  • Offensive or malicious material,
  • A commercial, fee for service, or advertising message.

Messages should not be posted that are:

  • Inappropriate for the scope of the board as indicated by the board title, (examples of "inappropriate" posts include: a posting to the SMITH surname board, which makes no mention of any SMITH connection, or a post to a US, regional, or international board without reference to the location),
  • A "seeking information" (query) type message with a non-query (data) menu classification selection.

We reserve the right to remove improperly posted messages as defined above; move messages to their proper location; edit the surname field, message subject, and message classification, without notice for the purpose of preserving board integrity, and to ensure proper indexing and searchability.

Surname Box:
Only surnames (last names) mentioned in you rmessage should be listed in the Surname Box, and each should be separated by a comma. The Surname Box is used to index the surnames in your message and is not to be used for listing surnames that are not mentioned in the text of your message. The contents of the Surname Box may be edited by the Board Administrator at any time to conform with this rule.

Classifications (drop down menu):
Use this menu to select from a list of data types. Data categories (non-query) should only be selected when you are posting actual data and not queries about data. For example, a query about a will is still a query. The menu item for wills should not be selected for queries.



Be specific

To obtain the best results, please be as specific as possible in your query. Always include relevant names, places and dates. Instead of just saying "looking for data on my grandfather" say something like "looking for data on my grandfather, Jose Lopez, who owned a grocery in Matanzas in the late 1800's..." If you are looking for several individuals which are not related, consider posting separate queries for each individual.

Don't post information on living individuals

Respect the privacy of living individuals. If you connect with someone who wishes to exchange informationon living individuals, do it over private e-mail and not in the public query board. Do not post private telepone numbers or addresses.

Always indicate the connection with Cuba

Often, messages appear on the board that mention the life of an indidivudal in another country. If there is no mention of the connection with Cuba, the board administrator will probably transfer your message to the locality board of the other country.

Always enter the mentioned surnames in the "Surnames:" box

Please don't forget to enter the surname(s) mentioned in your message (and only those mentioned) in the box labeled "Surnames:", separating them with commas.

Do not put any first names, place names, or other words such as "and" or "etc." , in this box.

The surnames placed in this box are extracted into an index of all surnames posted on Rootsweb/ so that other researchers can find all messages pertaining to a given surname.

Note that this is NOT a place to list all the surnames that you are interested in, only those mentioned in the message. First names, place names and surnames not mentioned in the body of the message will be erased by the administrator.

Configure your "spam" filter to accept messages from the board administrator

Make certain that your e-mail system will accept messages from the board administrator. In case of any question about your message, if the administrator cannot reach you , he will pobably delete your message.

Register as a user on the Rootsweb/ board

Once you are registered, if your e-mail address ever changes, you can update it in all your messages by simply updating your registration. Registering also has the advantage that your e-mail address is displayed only in graphics form, which is impossible to capture by entities that "mine" active e-mail addresses for the purpose of sending unsolicited advertisement ("spam").

Do NOT post general queries or other messages on the board

Please do not post general queries or comments, personal or thank you messages on the board.. The Cuban surname query board is ONLY for posting queries about specific surnames. All other messages will be deleted by the administrator. Please use the CUBA-L list to post messaages on general Cuban genealogy topics not related to a particular surname.


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