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Published References


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ding Where To Consult These References

Many of the older references are out of print. You can consult these references as follows:

  • In the United States, you may be able to get the book on inter-library loan. Write down the exact title and author and any reference numbers given (ISBN, NUC, LOC, etc.). Then visit your local library and find out from the librarian whether you can obtain it on inter-library loan.

  • If you are in a major city, they may have the book in the Public Library. In New York you can look for it at the (NY Public Library) and in Washington, DC at the (Library of Congress). Search the on-line catalogs using these links. If the books are old and rare you will probably only be able to consult the reference at the library in a designated area. (You cannot remove books from the US Library of Congress).

  • If you are near a major university, they may have the book in their library. If you are in Miami, consult the Masnata Collection at the University of Miami.

  • There may be a microfilm copy of the book available for consultation through your local Family History Center ("FHC") of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints ("LDS Church"). You can search the catalog of the LDS Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah via the on-line Family Search service. You can find the associated microfilm or microfiche reference number in this catalog and request it at any local FHC. You can find the location of the nearest FHC also via the same on-line service. Of course, if you are near Salt Lake City, you can visit the Family History Library in person.

    For a description of how to request and view LDS microfilms at a Family History Center see our article on LDS Church Resources.

ding Purchasing Books-in-Print

English Language Books

English language books (and some Spanish language books) can be easily bought through the web from sources such as (by the way, the father of Jeff Bezos, founder and Chairman of is a Cuban-American).

For your convenience we have placed direct links after each book on our list that can be purchased through The link will take you directly to the order department and will provide you the current price and availability.

The links are identified with the following logo:

If you want to see listings of available books and other merchandise for sale related to Cuba, please visit our Shopping Guide .

You also can search for available books, using keywords, using the following search engine:

Search by keywords:
In Association with


Spanish Language Books

Some Spanish language books can be easily bought through the web from sources such as For your convenience we have placed direct links after each book on our list that we have found can be purchased through The link will take you directly to the order department and will provide you the current price and availability.

In the United States, you can usually find many of the listed Spanish language books at the following book stores in Miami:

  • Ediciones Universal
    3090 SW 8th Street
    Miami, FL 33135
    (publishers of many specialty books on Cuba and importers of books from Spain) (I stop there on every visit to Miami and have bought many books there)

  • La Moderna Poesia, Inc.
    5246 S.W. 8th Street
    Miami, FL 33134.
    (publishers of many general books on Cuba)

In Spain, you can inquire at the following specialty bookstores:

  • Marcial Pons
    Libreria Humanidades - Ciencias Sociales
    Plaza Conde Valle del Suchil
    28015 Madrid
    +34-1-448-47-97 phone
    +34-1-593-13-29 fax

  • Marcial Pons Llibreter
    Provenza, 249 251
    08008 - Barcelona
    +34-3-487-39-99 phone
    +34-3-488-19-40 fax

  • Casa del Libro
    Gran Via, 29
    28013 Madrid
    +34-1-521-21-13 phone
    +34-1-522-77-58 fax

    (look for "Genealogía y Heráldica" under the "Ciencias Humanas" category on their web site)

To find additional specialty bookstores in Spain who sell through the Internet, check the following listing:

ding Purchasing Out-of-Print Books

If you are a collector, and are willing to pay collector prices, you can sometimes find some old and rare Cuban books at the following places on the web:

    Nostalgia Cubana, Inc.
    P.O. Box 941193
    Miami, FL 33194-1193
    +1-305-225-0286 phone
    +1-305-225-0286 fax

    One of CubaGenWeb's Affiliate partners. We have bought several books and other merchandise from them. Use the following search box to see what they have available (type the author's name, title or "rare books" in the box):

    Search for Cuba Collectibles memorabilia here!

    Search tip ideas: Names of Artists, Authors, other People, Places, School, Titles, Birth or Anniversary Year...


  • Jose J. Rabasa
    Old Cuban Books
    PO Box 330286
    Miami, FL 33233
    +1-305-446-8012 phone
    +1-786-487-0636 mobile

    Recommended by some members of the Cuban Genealogy Club of Miami. Sometimes sells through e-bay. usually has booth at the annual Cuban Nostalgia Event in Miami.

    The world's largest on-line auction site. Often sells out of print and rare books on practically any topic including Cuba. (We have bought important books here)

    Advanced Book Exchange, Inc.
    (no address or phone given)

    Advertises as the largest network of independent booksellers, with over 25 million books for sale from thousands of dealers. You can search by author, title or keyword and then purchase directly from the book seller (I have found some rare Cuban books here at very reasonable prices from booksellers as far away as France. Searching for the key word "Cuba" recently yielded over 11,000 books). (We have bought important books here)

  • Victor Cuellar
    Calle Ramon Corripio No. 32
    Residencial Maria Carola IV
    Edificio 2, Apartamento 202
    Naco, Santo Domingo
    Dominican Republic
    +809-683-0130 home phone
    +809-852-3111 mobile

    This gentleman has a business exporting books, photos and other memorabilia from Cuba. He periodically sends by e-mail a list of what is available. We recommend that you send him an e-mail asking to be placed on his e-mail mailing list. (We have bought important books and memorabilia here, but have not heard from him in a long time).

    (marketed through
    Abe Books)
    Sánchez 109 (planta baja)
    Zona Colonial
    Santo Domingo
    Dominican Republic
    +809 685 8659 phone
    +1-305 468 6289 fax

    Another source of out of print books from Cuba. The principal, Elliot Klein, also operated from Europe as Wildman Press before moving to the Dominican Republic. (We have bought several important books here though Abe Books).

    WARNING - Mar 2005 - Some readers have complained of ordering but not receiving their orders from this source. Your credit card is charged immediately when you place your order but usually you have to wait several months to receive your order even though delivery is promised in a few weeks. Selecting express shipment costs considerably more but does not seem to make any difference. I personally have been waiting over 3 months for my last order. AT THIS TIME WE CAN NO LONGER RECOMMEND THIS SOURCE.


The following sources are included here for completeness (We have not used any of them and would appreciate your feedback on any dealings with them).

    Libros Latinos
    P.O. Box 1103
    Redlands, CA 92373
    +1-909-793-8423 phone
    +1-909-798-1342 phone
    +1-909-335-9945 fax

    Network of more than 60 bookstores in Argentina, Spain and other countries of Hispanic America specializing in used books, old out-of-print books and books no longer catalogued.


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