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The following is a list of biographical collections which may be of interest to the Cuban genealogical researcher

For practical reasons the list excludes the many of books in print dedicated to individual biographies of prominent Cubans such as José Martí, Antonio Maceo, Ernesto Lecuona, José Capablanca, etc.


  • [ES] Diccionario Biográfico Cubano, Francisco Calcagno, 1878. Facsimile Edition published by Editorial Cubana, Inc., Miami, 1996. [no ISBN number]

    An indispensable biographical compilation of notable Cubans and non-Cubans that were involved with Cuba prior to 1878. Available from Ediciones Universal ($40 hard cover - 727 pages).

  • [ES] Diccionario Biográfico Cubano, Dr. Fermin Peraza Sarausa, Ediciones Anuario Bibliografico Cubano, 1951-, Habana, Cuba (LC Call # F1755.P4).

    These books, published annually, include short biographies of many prominent Cubans. An index to Volumes 1-7 was published in the Cuban Genealogical Society's REVISTA, Volume 2 No. 2 (April 1989).

  • [ES] Ejercito Libertador de Cuba 1895-1898 , Mario Riera Hernandez, 1985, distributed by Ediciones Universal (paperback - 374 pages).

    Historical notes, photos and short biographies of the Generals of the Cuban Army of Liberation 1895-1898.

  • [ES+EN] Vidas Cubanas - Páginas de la Historia de Cuba / Cuban Lives - Pages from Cuban History, Volumes I and II , Jose I. Lasaga, Ediciones Universal, P.O. Box 450353 (Shenandoah Station), Miami, FL 33145 (ISBN:0-89729-273-1 (complete work), 0-89729-407-6 (Volume II). (paperback - 470 pages total of both volumes) Vidas cubanas : paginas de la historia...

    This bilingual work includes various historical notes and lists biographies of the following Cubans whose achievements have had world-wide impact:

    Volume I

    • The Discovery of Juana (Cuba) (historical narrative)
    • Father Bartolomé de las Casas (defender of indian rights)
    • The Discovery of Florida - Ponce de Leon (historical note)
    • Blacks and Whites (historical note on the racial development of Cuba)
    • Pirates and Father Juan de las Cabezas (Bishop of Cuba)
    • The First Doctrinal Condemnation of Black Slavery (historical note)
    • Spain, the Cubans and the American revolution (historical note)
    • Manuel del Socorro Rodríguez (founder of Colombian journalism)
    • Francisco Javier Yanes (one of Venezuela's founding fathers)
    • José Maria Heredia y Heredia (poet and political revolutionary)
    • Father Félix Varela y Morales (defender of human rights)
    • Gertrudis Gómez de Avellaneda (poetess and author)
    • Carlos Manuel de Céspedes (Armed revolutionary leader and President of the Republic in Arms)
    • Ignacio Agramonte y Loyola (Armed revolutionary leader and defender of human rights)
    • Ignacio Cervantes Kawanagh (musician and composer, author of Danzas Cubanas)

    Volume II

    • Jose Joaquin Palma (author of Guatemala's National Anthem)
    • Benito Viñes (developed scientific methods of forecasting hurricanes)
    • Jose Julian Marti y Perez (patriotic writer considered the "Father of Cuba")
    • Antonio Maceo (patriot General of the War of Independence)
    • Jose Maria de Heredia y Girard (French poet)
    • Carlos J. Finlay (Medical Doctor, discoverer of transmission of yellow fever by the mosquito, later confirmed by Walter Reed)
    • Jose White y Laffita (classical violinist and composer)
    • Joaquin Albarran y Dominguez (Medical Doctor, a pioneer urologist)
    • Jose Raul Capablanca y Graupera (world chess champion)
    • Don Carlos de la Torre y Huerta (scientist specialist in sea shells)
    • Antonio Sanchez de Bustamante y Sirven (Justice of the Permanent Court of International Justice at The Hague)
    • Ernesto Lecuona y Casado (musician and composer, author of Malagueña)
    • Martin Dihigo y Llanos (nominated to baseball Hall of Fame in Mexico, US and Cuba)


  • [ES] Diccionario Biografico Canario-Americano, David W. Fernandez, Sept 1989, Instituto Venezolano de Cultura Canaria, San Sebastian de la Gomera, Canarias. [Deposito Legal TF.1502/89].

    Short biographies of numerous individuals who emigrated from the Canary Islands to the New World.

  • [ES] Gobernadores Cubanos de la Florida (Cuban Governors of Florida), J. Isern, Miami, FL, 1974.

    Contains biographies of the following Cuban individuals who were Governors of Florida:

    • Laureano Torres de Ayala
    • Juan de Ayala y Escobar
    • Manuel José de Jústiz
    • José Coppinger


  • [ES] Cuba en la Mano (Cuba on Hand), Esteban Roldan Oliarte, Habana, Cuba 1940.

    A one volume encyclopedia of Cuba which includes two sections with short biographies: Indice Biografico Cubano (Cuban Biographical Index - 247 pages) and Líderes Politicos (Political Leaders - 35 pages), including a detailed listing of the Diplomatic Corps at the time. Also has wonderful sections on the plants and animals of Cuba, towns and municipalities, newspapers, etc.

    This is a rare book, hard to find and expensive.

  • [ES] Diccionario Enciclopedico de Historia Militar de Cuba, Tomo I - Biografias. (Encyclopedic Dictionary of Cuban Military History, Vol I - Biographies), Centro de Estudios Militares de la FAR, Ediciones Verde Olivo, Habana, 2004.

    This book, published by the Cuban Army, includes biographies of 715 individuals who participated in military actions in Cuba, including some Caciques who fought the first Spanish conquistadors.

    Due to its origins, this book is extremely hard to find in the USA.

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Holguin book
New Book about Holguin Genealogy


11 Oct 2015 - A new book was published in Spain containing data on the households and families of the town of San Isidro de Holguin, based on the original compilation done in February 1735. The book adds comments, details, and corrections to the original.


The book is not yet available from Amazon or other usual sources. Those interested in purchasing a copy please contact the author, William Navarrete at: or the publisher, Publiberia, in Valencia, at

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