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ding The Top Places to Search

If you have already read the rest of this page and know what you are doing, here are quick links to the top sources to search (we strongly recommend that you first read the descriptions and instructions below before using these links):

Jaruco Carraffa / Mogrobejo Cuban Surname BBS WorldConnect
CUBA-L Mambí Army LDS Church RootsWeb
RootsWeb Surname List PARES SS Death Index
Family Search      


ding Before You Get Started

Every day, more and more data of interest to genealogists is being made accessible over the Internet. Some of the data is being contributed free of charge by governments, genealogy organizations, companies, through the efforts of volunteers and from individual contributors. In this listing we have made a distinction between non-profit sites, where data is available free of charge, and commercial sites, where some of the data may be available free of charge, but where most of the data is available only by paid fee or subscription.

If you find someone researching one of your lines, you should get his or her e-mail address and contact him or her directly to exchange information on the branches you are investigating. Often you can find a connection and if you are lucky, you might even find some new or long lost relatives.

Most of the good sources of Cuban Genealogy data are not yet on-line. Much of it, due to the sheer volume and because of copyright reasons, may never be made available on line. We urge you to investigate the printed sources that are listed and not let the convenience of on-line searching prevent you from finding vital information about your family tree.

Be sure to check all the sections in this page, not just the ones specializing in Cuban and Spanish surnames. Many Cuban families have emigrated to the United States and other parts of the world and you may find data about those families in one of the more general sites.

Keep digging and good luck!


ding Cuban Family Trees

Most of the good sources of Cuban Genealogy data are not yet on-line. Here is a list of the best published sources, as well as instructions on how to get the data:

  • Historias de Familias Cubanas

    If you haven't already done so, the first place to look for Cuban family trees is the 9-volume Historia de Familias Cubanas by the noted Cuban genealogist Francisco Javier de Santa Cruz y Maillen, Count of Jaruco.

    For a list of the surname chapter headings of this work and information on how to get copies of the full text of the entries click the above link .

  • Enciclopedia Heráldica y Genealógica Hispano-Americana

    The second place to look for Cuban family trees is the 88-volume Enciclopedia Heráldica y Genealógica Hispano-Americana by the spanish genealogists Alberto and Arturo Garcia Carraffa. These cover mostly names starting with the letters A-U only, since the authors both died before completing the Encyclopedia. There are, however, some names listed that start with the letters V-Z.

    An on-line interactive index to the surnames appearing in this work has been prepared by the US Library of Congress and is available by clicking on the following Index. The Index also lists names appearing in the Mogrobejo work described below and also lists various libraries in the United States that have the Carraffa Encyclopedia in their collection.

    A printed index to the surname headings of the Carraffa Encyclopedia appears in the 1966 book Hispanic Surnames and Family History by Lyman D. Platt (ISBN: 0-8063-1480-X) which you can get from your local library on interlibrary loan or purchase in many genealogical book stores.

    Click on the link at the head of this Section for full details on the Carraffa Encyclopedia and information on where to get copies of the actual chapter entries.

  • Diccionario Hispanoamericano de Heráldica, Onomastica y Genealogía

    These books, by the contemporary basque genealogist and publisher Endika de Mogrobejo, continue the Carraffa Encyclopedia starting alphabetically with the surname "Urriza". To date 12 volumes have been announced, although only the first 6 volumes seem to be currently available. Click on the above link for the alphabetic range of surnames covered in each volume.

    The US Library of Congress on-line interactive Index to the Carraffa Encyclopedia described previously also includes the surnames appearing in the first 6 volumes of this work. The entries corresponding to the Endika de Mogrobejo work are indicated by volume numbers preceded by an "E".

    These books can be obtained on interlibrary loan, purchased directly from Spain via the Internet, or purchased at the Ediciones Universal bookstore in Miami. Be warned that the books are large in size, leather bound and rather expensive ($175 each volume).

  • Published Surname Genealogies

    You should also review our list of Published References for other books containing Cuban family trees, particularly those of prominent families.

    Click on the above link to view our list of published Surname Genealogies.

  • On-Line Family Trees and Genealogies

    Click on the above link to view our list of links to Cuban family trees and genealogies on the web.


ding Cuban Names

Here are the first places to look for information on Cuban surnames and to find other researchers working on particular Cuban surnames:

  • Logo Cuban Surname Queries

    The above link will take you to the alphabetical index of all the surname queries that have been posted on our Cuban Surname Query Bulletin Board. You can also search by the name of the author of the query.

  • Logo CUBA-L List Search

    The above link will allow you to search the archives of our CUBA-L mailing list. Just enter the name of the list, "CUBA-L", in the first box and when you get to the next page enter the surname you want to search.

  • Military Records

    If any of your ancestors fought for Cuba in the Cuban War of Independence, their names should appear in the alphabetic index of the Liberation army published by Carlos Roloff in 1901. Click on the above link for more details.

    If any of your ancestors served in the Spanish Military you should search for their names in the published indexes to Personal and Service records in the Military Archives of Spain. You probably will find a wealth of information there. Click on the above link for more details.

  • Passenger Lists

    Click on the above link for details on available sources of passenger lists to and from Cuba

  • Church Archives

    Click on the above link for details on available sources of Parish and other Church records from Cuba

  • Genealogia of the Town of Remedios

    This web site contains a biographic diccionary of the Cuban town of Remedios and a list of Cuban prisoners of war from the Cuban War of Independence.

  • Web de Cienfuegos

    This web site contains an on-line version of the Diccionario Bibliografico Cienfueguero (Cienfuegos Biographical Dicctionary) from 1931 which contains biographies of many individuals associated with the city of Cienfuegos.

  • Cuba BDM Exchange Data Base

    The International Internet Genealogical Society is compiling an index of regional databases of births, deaths and marriages called the Global Village Birth Death and Marriage (BDM) Index. The aim of these sites is to provide a free resource to genealogists who wish to share information about details contained on birth, death or marriage certificates. There are currently just a few entries in the Cuba database. You can search the Cuba database by clicking on the link in the title above or search the entire world-wide index alphabetically by using the BDM Index Search.

  • Muertes de Santiago de Cuba (Deaths in Santiago de Cuba)

    This is a compilation, by Miriam Rivera, of deaths that occured in Santiago de Cuba in the period July 1898 - May 1902.

  • Slave Trade to Havana, Cuba 1790-1820

    Database listing Cuban port of arrival, date of arrival, type of ship, nationality of ship, number of slaves landed, African sailing date, slave mortality, number of slaves by sex, name and captain of ship.

  • Cuban Census, Records of the 16th, 17th and 18th Centuries :: Censos, Padrones y Matriculas de la Poblacion de Cuba - Siglos 16, 17 y18, Peter E. Carr, 123 pages, Revised Edition, December 31 2004, Published by Clearfield Co. ISBN: 0806352485.

    This book contains numerous lists of names residents of towns, owners of farms, recipients of land grants (mercedes), voters in local council (cabildo) elections, donors of goods and services for a public cause such as reinforcing a town against pirates, etc. Includes a list of the founding families of Santa Clara (1689) and Matanzas (1693) and all residents of Holguin (1735), a list of displaced families from Florida resulting from the interchange with the British of Florida for La Habana (1763). This publication covers ONLY the early colonial years 1520-1797.


ding Spanish Names

The following is a list of sources primarily specializing in Spanish surnames that may also contain information on Spanish families that emigrated to Cuba.

  • Immigrant Ancestors Project

    The Immigrant Ancestors Project, sponsored by Brigham Young University’s Center for Family History and Genealogy, uses emigration records in emigrant home countries to locate the birthplaces of immigrants which are missing on many port records and naturalization
    documents in arrival countries. At present the project focuses on emigrants from Germany, Spain, Ireland, England and France, but plans are to add other countries.

    Volunteers working with scholars and researchers at Brigham Young University are creating a database of millions of immigrants based on emigration records. Anyone with an Internet connection can search this database at no cost. Funds are being raised for the project to pay wages to student researchers, provide microfilm copies of needed records, and support computer development and maintenance.

  • Surnames of Spanish Origin

    A compilation by El Anillo de Genealogía Hispana (The Hispanic Genealogy Web Ring - in Spanish).

  • Spanish Surname Database

    Searchable database of Spanish surname genealogies personal web pages (Luis del Pino).

  • List of Spanish Surname Web Pages

    List of personal Spanish surname genealogy web pages (Luis del Pino).

  • Badator- Archivos Diocesanos del Pais Vasco

    Searchable on-line diocese (church) archives from the Basque regions of Spain (Araba/Alava, Gipuzkoa/Guipuzcoa & Bizkaia/Vizcaya) - work in process, will be finished in 2008.

  • Portal de Archivos Españoles - PARES (Portal to Spanish Archives)

    Many documents from various Spain Archives have been (and are still being) digitized and placed on the web. The web site interface has recently been updated and is now much easier to use and you no longer have to register. You can search all the archives by any desired text (including personal names), and limit your search to a certain date range. You will then get a listing of all the archives having documents that match your seach criteria. Clicking on the name of an archive will bring up a list of the relevant documents in that archive, Many of these documents will show a small camera icon. Clicking on a camera icon will bring up small images of all the pages of the original document. You can then click on each page, zoom to read it, print it and/or save it to your computer for further study. Visit


dingFrench Names

  • List of French Plantation Owners

    List of French Plantation owners in Cuba in 1843 (on this web site).

  • GeneaNet (France)

    This is a very large database of family trees and surnames being researched thoughout the world. Some names have only a link to the investigator, others have links to entire family trees posted on the Web.


dingAfrican Names

Eclesiastical Records in La Habana and Matanzas of individuals of African Ancestry (Vanderbilt University).


dingAsiatic Names

Eclesiastical Records in La Habana of individuals of Asian ancestry (Vanderbilt University). At present only contains death records of not baptized Asian individuals from the Church of Santo Cristo del Buen Viaje in La Habana.

Files concerning the asiatic colonization of Cuba (PARES - Portal to Spanish Archives)

Search for the following reference codes or for the words "colonización asiática en cuba":


(there may be others)


ding Family Trees

Here are some of the places where you can find family genealogies on-line:

  • Logo Rootsweb's World Connect Project

    Search here to see if someone has posted a family genealogy that includes any of your surnames. Also you can post your own family tree here.

  • LDS Church Family Search

    The Family Search web site of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (a.k.a. LDS or Mormon Church) is open to the public. This service allows you to search for entries in several of the LDS data bases, including the Ancestral File, the Family History Library Catalog and the International Genealogical Index (IGI). The Ancestral File database consists of family genealogies submitted to the LDS Church as part of their religious activities. These family trees often include individuals who are related but not themselves members of the LDS Church.

  • Banner -

    The World Family Tree project, now part of, encourages individuals to submit their family genealogies. You can search the over 24 million surnames in the World Family Tree database for free by using the search box included in the Commercial Sources section below.

  • GeneaNet (France)

    This is a very large database of family trees and surnames being researched thoughout the world. Some names have only a link to the investigator, others have links to entire family trees posted on the Web.


ding Name Search (non-profit resources)

  • LDS Church Family Search

    The Family Search web site of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (a.k.a. LDS or Mormon Church) is open to the public. This service has access to billions of records and now (July 2012) includes records from Spain. The service allows you to search for entries in several of the LDS data bases, including the Ancestral File, the Family History Library Catalog and the International Genealogical Index (IGI). The IGI is the world's largest database of genealogical information.

    Due to restrictions in the contract between the Catholic Bishops in Spain and the LDS Church, the IGI databases corresponding to certain regions of Spain are not available in Spain except to members of the Mormon faith, and will therefore probably never be made available on-line. To consult these databases you must visit one of the LDS Family History Centers. and consult the information there. We understand that the information from a few regions of Spain is further restricted and not even available at LDS Family History Centers, but can only be consulted at the LDS Family History Library in Salt Lake City.

  • US Social Security Death Index

    If the person you are searching for worked in the United States and died after 1936, you can search for his or her Social Security number using the above link. Once you find the number, you can request a copy of his or her application to obtain a Social Security Card (form SS-5). The document contains the person's name, data and place of birth, and parent's names that were given when he or she applied for the Social Security Number.

    Send your request, including payment and the full name and social security number of the deceased, to:

      Social Security Administration
      Office of Central Records Operations
      FOIA Workgroup
      PO Box 17772
      300 N. Greene Street
      Baltimore, Maryland 21290. 

    You will be charged the cost of searching the records even if they are unable to locate any information on the person you are asking about. Currently (July 2000), the fee for searching the records is $7 when the SSN is known and $16.50 when the number is unknown or is incorrect. The check or money order should be made payable to the Social Security Administration. They will also accept VISA, MasterCard, or Discover. Please include the appropriate credit card number, along with the expiration date of the credit card with your written request.

    The Social Security Administration did not begin keeping records until 1936; therefore, they have no records about people who died before then.

  • Obituaries

    You can search for obituary notices published in more than 300 newspapers in the United States using the above link. Searches are free.

  • Logo GenConnect Surname Bulletin Boards

    GenConnect is non-profit volunteer organization hosted by Rootsweb. GenConnect hosts bulletin boards devoted to individual surnames, run by volunteers. Search here to find out if there is a Bulletin Board devoted to your surname in the GenConnect system. If not, you can start your own if you so wish.

  • Logo Caribbean Surname Query Bulletin Board - Search Engine

    Use the above link to search for surnames in all the GenConnect Caribbean Surname Query Bulletin Boards.

  • Logo Surname Helper - Search Engine

    Surname Helper is a surname engine for queries and surname registrations posted on various genealogy sites. Participating sites include many USGenWeb and WorldGenWeb sites. All the GenConnect bulletin boards are also indexed here.

    Use the above link to search for surnames in the entire Surname Helper world wide data base.

  • Logo RootsWeb Surname List (RSL) - Search Engine.

    RootsWeb Surname List (RSL) (formerly known as ROOTS-L) is the oldest and largest of all on-line surname query mailing lists. Queries are continually being added to the RSL data base, so check it often. As of October 1998, the RSL data base contained over 500,000 surnames submitted by over 63,603 researchers around the world.

    Use the above link to search the entire RSL data base.

  • Logo Index to Surname Resources in RootsWeb
  • Logo UsGenWeb Archives Search Engine
  • Genealogy Gateway logo Genealogical Gateway to the Web™

    An extensive gateway to many surname web sites and genealogical resources.

  • Gentree On-Line Genealogical Database Index

    Contains links to genealogical databases searchable through the Web.


    Advertised as the first large scale free genealogy search index.


ding Name Search - Commercial Resources

Most of the following sites allow you to search their data bases indexes for free. The information from some data bases, such as the Social Security Death Index, is available free of charge. Other data bases may require a fee per use or a paid subscription to the service.

  • Banner -

    The index boasts over 2 billion (2,000 million) genealogical records in over 2500 databases (mostly related to the US). Data from the Social Security Death Index (SSDI) (60 million records) and Ancestry World Tree (24 million records) is free of charge, others require a subscription to (currently part of the Generations Network).

    Use the following search box to search all the indexes (the index searches are free). You can leave "All" selected in the "Locality" box or restrict your search to the "INTL" for only outside of the USA if desired.





    Search engine for (currently also part of the Genealogy Network).

  • GenForumGenForum Finder

    Index of Surname and Country message boards. Search here for message boards dedicated to your any of your surnames.

  • Internet Family Finder

    Includes contents of many CDs for sale.

  • World Vital

    New large-scale subscription genealogy search engine.


Other Commercial Services:


ding Phone Directories

If you are looking for persons currently living in Cuba you an use the following on-line phone directory:

If you are lloking for information on people who lived in Habana in the late 1950's you can search the 1958 telephone directory reproduced here:

If you are looking for persons living in the United States, use the following search engines to try to find their address and telephone number:

If you are looking for persons living in Spain, use the following directory to try to find their address and telephone number.

If you are looking for persons living elsewhere in the world, use the following link to find on-line telephone directories in the country you seek.


ding E-Mail Directories

If you are looking for relatives living in the United States, use the following directories to try to find their e-mail address:

Use the Switchboard search form under "Telephone Directories" then, after you find name, click on the "e-mail" button under the address.


dingSearch Books

You can seach books for any mention of your relative using the following search box:


ding Search the Entire Web

You can search the entire web for any subject, including a particular surname or place name using the following search engine:



ding Links to More Search Engines

Here are links to more search engines:


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