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Ten-Years War

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Cuban Liberation Army 1895-1898

"Mambí Army"
Data Base



cuban-shield Introduction

The official record of participants and deaths of the Cuban Liberation Army that participated in the Cuban War of Independence 1895-1898 holds a wealth of genealogical, as well as historical, information. The records in many cases list not only both surnames of the participant (which correspond to the father's and mother's surnames), but also the first names father and mother, the date of enlistment, rank achieved and Regiment in which the individual last served.


These records were published in book form in 1901, shortly after the end of the War, and was used to determine elegibility for veteran's pensions. According to US Copyright Law and corresponding international agreements, this data is now considered to be in the Public Domain. The book was published under the direction of General Carlos Roloff, Inspector General of the Cuban Liberation Army, under the title Yndice Alfabético y Defunciones del Ejército Libertador de Cuba - Guerra de Independencia, iniciada el 24 de Febrero de 1895 y terminada oficialmente el 24 de Agosto de 1898 (Alphabetic Index and Deaths of the Cuban Liberation Army - Cuban War of Independence, started 24 February 1895 and officially ended 24 August 1898) [LOC Call number F1786.C95, LDS microfilm number 1844674].


The original book has now been digitized by the Digital Library of the Caribeean. The digital version can be found at the following link:

(Thanks to Martha Ibanez Zervoudakis of the Cuban Genealogy Club of Miami for the above link).


cuban-shieldTranscription Project

Several readers of the CUBA-L genealogical discussion list volunteered to transcribe the information contained in the above mentioned records and the data has now been posted on CubaGenWeb for all to use.


Although the original records are in the Public Domain, this particular transcription is protected by US and international copyright law and may not be used for commercial purposes nor be published in any form, electronic, CD-ROM or in printed form without our written permission.

and the transcirption volunteers.


 cuban shield Mambi Army Data Bases

To search the database, first read the important notes below and then go to the search form using the following button:

Search Form


You can also search our transcriptions of the death records by using the following button:



Advice to researchers from General Roloff:

The names are listed in strict alphabetical order of the first surname, but you should take into account that there may have been spelling errors, and hence you should take care before determining that a given individual is not listed. If you do not find the person you seek under the first surname, you should search under the second surname and under the given name, since there may have been confusion during the classification. If you still do not find the individual, you should look under similar sounding letters, such as B and V, C and S, G and J, in case there has occured a spelling error.

cuban shieldImportant Notes on the Data

  • Names such as "del Rio" o "de la Torre" have been transcribed as "Rio (del)" and "Torre (de la)" so they will sort by the surname and not by the "de" or "del".

  • All accents have been omitted to facilitate finding the names after sorting (accented letters will sort quite distantly from the unaccented letters due to the differences in ACSII codes used to represent them in computers).

  • The Spanish letter "ñ" has been transcribed as is. The rare letter "ü", which is required by Spanish grammar to appear in the diphthongs "üe" (as in "Agüero") and "üi" (as in "Güines"), has been transcribed as a plain "u", again to facilitate finding the names after sorting.

  • In general we have tried to transcribe the information exactly as it appears in the original, errors and all. Square brackets "[" and "]" have been used to denote any information added or changed from the original transcription based on data supplied from other sources such as a family descendant or to correct an obvious error.

  • A dot "." indicates that there was no entry in this field in the original book.

  • It was common practice in the originals to abbreviate some common first names such as "Jose M." for "Jose Maria", "Jose I." for "Jose Ignacio" and "Fco." for "Federico". Also some common second surnames were abbreviated, such as "F." for "Fernandez", "M." for "Martinez" and "Z." for "Zayas". In general these names have been transcribed exactly as they appear in the original.

  • There were women veteran soldiers and some even achieved the rank of officer. Not much appears in history books about them. Remember that this was a total war with entire families taking part.

  • The rank indicated in the book was the rank achieved by the soldier at the end of the war. Please note that many officers were promoted to higher ranks after the end of the war.

  • For an explanation of Ranks and Regimental Corps ID codes please see our list of Regiments.


cuban shieldIf you find an error in the Data Base

If you find an error in an entry please send us an e-mail describing the error to the address shown at the bottom of the page. We will examine the original source to verify whether the database matches the original entry.


  • We will correct any errors made during our transcription process as soon as practicable
  • We will NOT modify the data as it appears in the original entry in any way. To do so would compromise the accuracy of the transcription. Please note that there indeed were errors in the original entries.
  • The only exception to the above rule is to correct spelling errors in a name or to add a missing surname or parents name(s). In such cases we will show the additional information in square brackets []. We will NOT erase or change the basic information in the entry from what appears in the original.
  • We will NOT modify any of the military information appearing in the record such as the rank, date of entry or regiment.
  • We will NOT add any names to the transcription that do not appear in the original source.


If you find this database useful, please send us an e-mail message by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page, and I will pass it on to the volunteers.

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