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  1. The surnames do not have to be capitalized (case is ignored).
  2. If you want to search for a name with a ñ please use the wild character % instead of the ñ. To search for Nuñez search for Nu%ez.
  3. Do not use accents or diaeresis such as ü.
  4. If you search for a surname or name(s), the search form automatically adds a "%" wildcharacter to your query so you will automatically get any characters or words that follow what you entered. This is a new feature you may find useful.
  5. The wildcard character "_" (underscore) matches any single character. The wildcard character "%" (percent) matches any string of characters.
  6. If you are not sure of the spelling, you can enter the first few letters of the surname, followed by %. As an example "gar%" will find all the "Garcia", "Garces", "Garmendia", etc. As another example, if you type "Martel" you will not find "Martell", but if you type "Martel%" or "Martel_" you will.
  7. After searching for a name, also search for the name followed by the widcard "%" in case there are comments or alternate spellings following the name.
  8. When you search for first name(s) we highly recommend that you initially search for the first letter of the name, followed by the wildcard "%". Often only the first initial of the name was published. Also, if you search for "Jose" you would miss "Jose Maria" and "Jose M.". This can be avoided by searching for "Jose%". Be aware that all initials are followed by a period "." in our database.
  9. The search results are shown in order of Surname 1.