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Family Genealogies



The following are the most important collections of Cuban family genealogies available in print:


  • [ES] Historia de Familias Cubanas, Volumes I-IX , Francisco Xavier de Santa Cruz y Mallen, Count of Jaruco (ISBN: 0-89729-379-70).

    This is the most important collection of Cuban family genealogies. The work consists of 9 volumes, the first 6 of which were published in Cuba. The last 3 volumes were published in the USA by Ediciones Universal, 3090 SW 8th Street, Miami, FL 33135. Please contact them for price and availability of individual volumes.

    We have compiled an on-line Index to the 841 family surnames listed in this work. The Index page also contains instructions on where to obtain copies of the full text of individual listings. To reach this index click HERE


  • [ES] Enciclopedia Heráldica y Genealógica Hispano-Americana, Volumes 1-88, Alberto y Arturo García Carraffa, 1919-1963, Impr. deA. Marzo, Madrid. Another edition: 1952-1963, Nueva Imprenta Radio, S.A., Magallanes 21, Madrid [NUC: 56-190-597, LOC CR2142.G3].

    This is a monumental work consisting of 88 volumes, published in Spain, really two works in one. The first two volumes treat Spanish Heraldry. With the third volume begins the Diccionario Heráldico y Genelógico de Apellidos Españoles y Americanos, a compilation of Spanish-American surname genealogies, which includes notes on the origin of the surnames and color illustrations of the Coats-of-Arms.

    The US Library of Congress has prepared an on-line interactive listing of the surnames appearing in this work, as well as in the continuing work by Endika de Mogrobejo (see below). This index can be reached by clicking HERE. The Index page also lists various libraries in the United States that have this work in their collection.

    A complete listing of the surnames appearing in this work, indicating the corresponding Volume number, also appears as an Appendix in the book Hispanic Surnames and Family History by Lyman D. Platt, listed below.

    Note that names starting with letters V, W, X, Y and Z were not published because the authors both died before completing the work (but see the description of the continuing work by Endika de Mogrobejo described below).

    This collection can be found at a number of libraries, in addition to those in the Library of Congress listing, including the Otto Richter Library at the University of Miami, and the LDS Church Family History Library at Salt Lake City.

    Please note that the books are numbered with both Enciclopedia and the Diccionario volume numbers (in other words there is a two volume difference in numbering). In the following lists we refer to the 86 volume Diccionario volume numbers.

    Volumes 1-76 are also available in microfilm though your local LDS Family History Center. The following is a listing of the microfilm numbers:

    Volumes Film #  Surnames
    0035112  Aanda-Alzuru
    0035113  Allado-Basani
    0035114  Basanta-Campani
    0035115  Campano-Desportell
    0035116  Despou-Franco
    0035117  Francolí-Haro
    0035118  Hartos-Lazcamburu
    0035119  Lazcano-Mesares
    0035120  Mescua-Olcina
    0035121  Olcinellas-Pérez de Arramendia
    0035122  Pérez de Arroyo-Rizo

    For instructions on how to request and view these and other LDS microfilms see our description of LDS Church Resources.


  • [ES] Diccionario Hispanoamericano de Heráldica, Onomastica y Genealogía, Volumes I-XIII, Endika de Mogrobejo, Bilbao, 1995-1998, ISBN: 8492077425 (set), 8460524043 (Vol 1), 8492077401 (Vol 2), 8492077417 (Vol 3), 8492077433 (Vol 4), 8492077468 (Vol 5), 8492077476 (Vol 6), 8489965005 (Vol 8), 8489965013 (vol 9), 8489965021 (Vol 10), 848996503X (Vol 11); LOC: CR2148.D53.1995; NY Public Library Call No. AP 96-362 Vol#.

    This is a continuation of the work by Alberto and Arturo Garcia-Carraffa mentioned above, starting where Carraffa left off.

    The US Library of Congress has prepared an on-line interactive listing of the surnames appearing in this work, as well as in the Carraffa work described above. This index can be reached by clicking HERE. The entries corresponding to the Endika de Mogrobejo works are indicated by volume numbers preceded by an an "E". Currently the LOC index only includes up to Volume VI of the Mogrobejo work.

    The Mogrobejo volumes cover the following surnames:

    Volume Surnames

    These books can be obtained on interlibrary loan or purchased at the Universal bookstore or via the Internet from Spain.


  • [ES] Genealogias Habaneras, Tomos I-IV , by Rafael Nieto Cortadellas (ISBN: 84-87204-79-1 complete work, 84-00-04474-6 Vol I, 84-00-04617-X Vol II, 84-87204-80-5 Vol III, 84-87204-92-9, Vol IV), Hidalguia, Madrid, 1979, 1980, 1995, 1996.

    Amazon.comGenealogias habaneras

    A thorough study of family genealogies that connect to the Ozeguera surname. Includes chapters on the following surnames:

    Volume I
    • Corral-Bobadilla
    • Carvajal
    • Rosales
    • Urrutia
    • Sevillano de la Torre
    • Angel
    • López de Avilés
    • Velasco
    • Pérez de Amaya
    • Ruiz de Huidobro
    • Escobar
    • Villegas
    • Aponte
    • Gran de Villegas
    Volume II
    • Montiel
    • Verna
    • Chaple
    • Valero-y-Guzmán
    • Averhoff
    • Alvarez de Fonseca
    • Ramos
    • Portela
    • Rey
    • Giquel
    Volumes III and IV
    • Ozeguera



  • [ES] Genealogia, Heráldica e Historia de Nuestras Familias, by Fernando R. de Castro y de Cardenas (ISBN: 0-89729-510-2), 1989, Ediciones Universal, 3090 SW 8th Street, Miami, FL 33135 (paperback, 179 pages).

    Amazon.comGenealogia, heraldica e historia de nuestras familias (Coleccion Cuba y sus jueces)

    This work may be relevant if you are connected to the Cardenas or Castro surname lines.

  • [ES] Estudios Genealógicos y Heráldicos, Volumen 1, Associación Española de Estudios Genealogicos y Heraldicos, 1985 (ISBN: 84-398-3591-4).

    This book has several scholarly research papers on early Spanish nobility lines, including one on La Casa Real de La Cerda, by David E. Masnata y de Quesada. La Cerda was an ancestor to many prominent families that settled in Cuba.

  • [EN] Hispanic Surnames and Family History , by Lyman D. Platt (ISBN:0-8063-1480-X, 1996, Genealogical Publishing Co, Inc. 1001 N. Calvert St., Baltimore, MD 21202.

    Amazon.comHispanic Surnames and Family History

    This reference book lists Hispanic surnames for which there are family histories or historical sketches in the United States or Latin America. Unfortunately no ISBN numbers or library references are listed for the sources, but some research at your local library or with the US Library of Congress On Line Catalog may yield additional information.

    The book also includes a listing of the surnames appearing in Carraffa's Enciclopedia Heráldica y Genealógica, described above, with the corresponding volume number. The book also has a listing of the surnames appearing in Julio de Atienza's Nobiliario Español: Diccionario Heráldico de Apellidos Españoles y de Títulos Nobiliarios, dealing with Spanish heraldic titles, and also a listing of names appearing in Luis Vilar y Pascual's Diccionario Histórico, Genealógico y Heráldico de las Familias Ilustres de la Monarquía Española, which deals with the origin of the most famous families of Spain.

    The book also has chapters on the origins and current demographics of Hispanic surnames.

  • [ES] Lineajes en Navarra con Escudos de Armas - Volumes I-III, Aurelio Erdozáin Gaztelu, 1984, Editorial Mogrobejo Zabala, S.A., (ISBN: 84-605-3.879-6 (entire work)), (Deposito Legal: NA-1419/95).

    Compiled genealogies of surnames from Navarra (I found mine there). Includes photos or drawings of Coats of Arms.

  • [ES] Diccionario Etimológico de Apellidos Vascos , N. Narbarte Iraola, San Sebastian (Xertoa) 1989, (LC Call # CS2375.S7 N37 1989); also 5th Edition - 1983, Editorial Gomez, Plaza del Castillo, 28, Pamplona, España. (ISBN: 84-7081-027-8).

    A small dictionary listing the origins and meaning of most Basque surnames.

  • [ES] Cuba, Isla Abierta, Poblamiento y Apellidos Siglos XVI-XIX, Leví Marrero, 1998, Ediciones Capiro, Puerto Rico, 1994.

    Amazon.comCuba: Isla Abierta (Siglos XVI-XIX)

    A scholarly work listing the last names and centuries (XVI-XIX) when early prominent families settled in Cuba and the countries of origin of many Cuban surnames.

  • [ES] Árboles Genealogicos de la Cuba Española, Emilio Bernal Labrada, 1997, Editorial Verbum, S.L. Eguilaz 6, 2o Dcha. 28010 Madrid. [ISBN: 84-7962-057-9, Deposito Legal M-25280-1997].

    Amazon.comArboles genealogicos de la Cuba espanola (Verbum ensayo)

    An expensive ($23) thin 43 page book (every other page is blank) showing partial family tree diagrams of the following Cuban surnames and their connection to the Bourbon Royal House of Spain. In most cases only one individual is shown for a given surname.

    • Agramonte
    • Agüero
    • Aldama
    • Alfonso
    • Arango
    • Arteaga
    • Bernal
    • Betancourt
    • Calvo de la Puerta
    • Cisneros
    • Chacón
    • De La Torre
    • De la Cerda
    • De Varona
    • Del Valle
    • Dorticós
    • Duque de Estrada
    • Figueroa
    • Güell
    • Giscard d'Estaing
    • Herrera
    • Iznaga
    • Las Casas
    • Montalvo
    • Núñez del Castillo
    • O'Farril
    • Pedroso
    • Pezuela
    • Porcallo
    • Radziwill
    • Recio
    • Rocafort
    • Sampedro
    • Terry
    • Vinent
    • Zamoyski
    • Zayas-Bazán


  • The following genealogical/history books have been published by a professional Spanish genealogist, Milagro Lloréns Casani, and may be of interest to those having ties to the prominent individuals listed in the titles. The books are available from specialty bookstores in Madrid, among them Marcial Pons.

    • [ES] Ascendencia Europea de Simón Bolivar y Palacios "El Libertador" - 1998 (ISBN: 84-89558-88-4).
    • [ES] Sebastián del Toro - Ascendiente de los Heroes de la Independencia de Venezuela, Volumes I and II - 1998 (ISBN: 84-89558-85-X, 84-89558-86-8 (Vol I), 84-89558-87-8 (Vol II)).
    • [ES] VI Siglos de Genealogía: Descendientes de Don Juan de Silva, I Conde de Cifuentes, 1989.
    • [ES] IX Siglos de Genealogía: Descendientes de Hugo I, Señor de Lichtentein., 1990.
    • [ES] Grandezas y Títulos del Reino , 1992 (out of print).
    • [ES] Descendientes de Don Alonso Enriquez, I Almirante de Castilla, Volumes I to XV 1997-1998.
    • [ES] Descendientes de Hugo "El Grande", Duque de Franconia - Volumes I to III, 1997.
    • [ES] Descendientes de Federico "Barbaroja" Emperador de Alemania - Volumes I and II, 1997-1998.
    • [ES] XV Siglos de Genealogía: Descendientes de Cerdico, Rey de Wessex - Volumes I and II, 1997.
    • [ES] Ascendencia Española de S.M. la Reina Doña Sofía, 1997.
    • [ES] Ascendencia Catalana de S.M. el Rey Don Juan Carlos, 1997.
    • [ES] Ascendencia Normanda de S.A.R. Don Felipe de Borbón y Grecia, Principe de Asturias, 1997.
    • [ES] Ascendencia Asturiana de S.A.R. Carlos de Windsor y Príncipe de Gales, 1997.
    • [ES] Ascendencia Magyar de S.A.R. Doña Elena de Borbón y Grecia, Duquesa de Lugo, 1998.
    • [ES] Ascendencia Rusa de S.A.R. Doña Cristina de Borbón y Grecia, Duquesa de Palma de Mallorca.
    • [ES] Ascendencia Mozárabe de S.M. Simeón, Zar de los Búlgaros.


  • [EN] Fernan Gonzalez, First Count of Castille - The Man and the Legend. (Romance Monographs : No.40) by Manuel Marquez-Sterling

    Amazon.comFernan Gonzalez, First Count of Castile: The Man and the Legend (Romance Monographs : No.40)

  • [ES] Origenes, Historical-genealogical compendium of the Zayas lineage, by Juan Bruno Zayas de la Portilla., 2003, Published by Zayas Publishing, Inc.

  • [ES] La Sacarocracia: Historia de la Aristocracia Azucarera Cubana, Dr. Ruben Arango, 2006, Ego Group, Inc., Miami, Florida.

    Amazon.comLa Sacarocracia: Historia de la Aristocracia Azucarera Cubana


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