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French Families in Cuba



French Refugees (1803-1809)

The following LDS Church microfilms are collections of correspondence from the French Consular delegations regarding refugees from St-Domingue (Haiti) to Santiago de Cuba and Baracoa

Location Dates FHL INTL Film #
Santiago de Cuba 1803-1805 960762
Santiago de Cuba 1806-1809
Baracoa 1804-1808 960764


French Plantation Owners Resident in Cuba (1843)

The following .pdf (Portable Document Format) file is a transcription of a list of French plantation owners resident in Cuba in 1843. The data is taken from microfilms of the Diplomatic Archives of the French Ministry of Foreign Relations. The transcription was done by one of our readers, Emmanuel de la Burgade, who has kindly given us his permission to publish it in CubaGenWeb.

PDF file Etat propriétés rurals Français à Cuba

To read and print the above document requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not yet have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download it for free by clicking on the following link:

get Acrobat reader

Everything on the list is in French. We have translated the column headers right on the document for your convenience. The following notes were provided by Emmanuel:

  • The spelling of a few names was hard to determine and sometimes I might have made the wrong choice ("a" for "o", "n" for "rr", "sn" for "m", "s" for "r", etc...). When I had a doubt I wrote possible alternatives.

  • A "cavallerie" equals 10 "carreaux" and a "carreau" is approximatively equal to 1 ha 13 a 7 ca (I think the latter units of measure are the same for the anglo-saxon system :-)). (N.B. "Cavallerie" is probably the same as the Cuban "Caballeria".)

  • You may be able to write to the Ministry Archive to get a copy (but I'm not sure it works from outside of France because of the need for payment (?)). As this document is on microfilm, you need to supply the document description and number, and the pages you want to copy (number of the "feuillet", recto or verso). The address: Archives diplomatiques 37 quai d'Orsay - 75007 PARIS - FRANCE.

  • Following this list, on "feuillet" 96 recto-verso, 97 recto-verso and 98 recto, was the list of the French plantation owners in Puerto Rico. I haven't transcribed it but you may request a copy from the Ministry.

  • This list includes only rural properties, with an estimated total value of $13,750,290. The list does not include industrial and urban properties with an estimated value of FRF 10 million.


The following translation list may be helpful in desciphering the entries.

French English
id idem (same as above)
veuve widow
femme woman
marrié, non marrié married, not married
enfants children
en societé in association
héritier inheritor
participes participants
café, cafetal coffee, coffee plantation
tabac tobacco
potres cattle
paturage pasture
sucre, cane de sucre, sucrerie sugar, sugar cane, sugar mill
riz rice
mais corn
jardinage gardening, agriculture
cottonerie cotton (processor?)



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French Families in Cuba - Updated 10-Jul-2007

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