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Cuban newspaper lists

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Newspaper Lists


Cuban Newspaper Lists

Cuban newspapers in the 1800's ocassionally published lists of names. The lists in some cases indicated the street address or "barrio" (neighborhood) where the listed person resided on that date and can serve to verify the residency information.

The list number indicated in the last column of the search form refers to the following source references:

  1. Diario de La Habana, 18, 19 and 20 of April 1843 - List of persons who contributed aid to the unfortunates who suffered the effects of the hurricane in Ceuta on the night of 10 October 1842.1

  2. Gaceta de La Habana, 17 May 1861 - List of owners of lots and plots of land which must be built up or sold within a term of one year in accordance with the decree of 23 April 1860.1

  3. Papel Periódico de La Havana, 12 Aug 1802 - List of subscribers to this newspaper (which later became the Diario de La Habana) . Only the names and/or titles are given. We presume that the subscribers were all residents of La Habana. Transcribed from microfilm copies available at the Green Library of Florida International University in Miami.

1. Located and transcribed by one of our readers, Lydia Reyes, from the AER - Archivos Españoles en la Red (Spanish Archives on the Web).


To review these newspaper lists, first read the instructions below and then go to the search form using the following button:

Search Form


Instructions for using the search form:

  1. The names will initially appear in alphabetical order of "Surname 1".

  2. All accents have been removed from names and surnames to facilitate sorting and finding.

  3. Names such as "del Rio" or "de la Torre" appear as "Rio (del)" and "Torre (de la)" to facilitate sorting and finding.

  4. Use the scroll bar on the right to scroll through the list.

  5. Click the "Page Up" or "Page Down" buttons to see the previous or next page of the list.

  6. Click any of the blue buttons to sort the information by the contents of that column. Clicking again will reverse the order of the sort.

  7. To search for a particular surname:

    • Write the desired last name in the green box above the column titled "Surname 1". You can use the standard wildcards "?" (meaning any letter) and "*" (meaning any sequence of letters). You can also enter only the first few letters of the name to broaden the search. Do not use any accents, but do use the letter "ñ" if applicable.

    • Click on the green "Search" button. (the box immediately to the left of the "Search" button will tell you the number of entries found by your search criteria)

    • You can also search for the maternal surname in "Surname 2". You can also search the contents of any of the other columns.

    • Click the "Clear All" button to clear the grid in preparation for a new search.

    • Click the "List All" button to see all the entries in the file.


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Newspaper Lists - Updated 20-Dec-2007

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