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News Archive - 1999



This page holds significant news items that were on the CubaGenWeb Home Page during the year 1999. For other years consult the index on the left.


dingMore regions of the International Genealogical Index have been added to the LDS Family Search® Service (11 Dec 1999)
The following regions of the International Genealogical Index have been recently added to the LDS Church Family Search® Internet search Service:

  • Caribbean Islands (including Cuba)
  • Southwest Europe (including Spain)
  • Mexico
  • South America
  • Central America
  • Continental Europe
  • Germany
  • Denmark
  • Iceland
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Asia
  • Southwest Pacific
  • Ocean Islands
  • World Misc.

The search service encompasses the LDS Church International Genealogical Index, the largest genealogical database in the world, and also entries submitted by individuals to the Ancestral File database of family genealogies.

Of importance to Cuban Genalogy Research is that you can now search for genealogical events such as births and marriages that occurrred in Cuba (under the category "Caribbean") and Spain, as well as in Mexico and countries in Central and South America.

You can view the basic information (names, dates and places) on line and obtain a microfilm reference number. You can then view the microfilm of the actual record by visiting your nearest LDS Church Family History Center. For more information on LDS Church resources and Family History Center procedures visit our page on LDS Church Resources.


dingMore Cuban Addresses and Telephone Numbers (28 Nov 1999)
Thanks to the efforts of one of our readers, we have just published lists of Cuban addresses and telephone numbers of genealogical interest corresponding to the current provinces of Pinar del Río and Matanzas. These lists join the previously posted lists of Cienfuegos and Villa Clara.


ding Cuban Genealogical Society Reactivating (2 Nov 1999)
The Cuban Genealogical Society, a non-profit organization founded in 1988 but inactive since 1995, is being reactivated in January. The CGS will be publishing the Revista© once again three times a year. For information on how to become a member visit the new Cuban Genealogical Society web site.


ding Cuban Provinces (31 Oct 1999)
We have added a listing of the Administrative Departments y Provinces that have existed in Cuba from 1827 to the present.


ding Military Records Information Consolidated (31 Oct 1999)
We have expanded and consolidated all information dealing with Cuban and Spanish Military Records on one web page for ease of reference. We have added the reference and LDS microfilm number of Carlos Roloff's definitive listing of Cuban veterans of the Cuban War of Independence. We have also added information on Spanish military records and how to obtain them.


ding Passenger Lists Information Consolidated (24 Oct 1999)
We have expanded and consolidated all information dealing with Passenger Lists to and from Cuba on one web page for ease of reference. The page includes a list of publications of passenger lists from Spain to Cuba prior to 1600, a description of the passenger list records from Spain to Cuba 1600-1701 available at the Archive of the Indies in seville and a list of LDS Church microfilms of the Libros de Asientos (Books of Seats) covering 1509-1701. The page also lists sources for passenger lists arriving from Cuba to Key West 1898-1920 and gives links to on-line sources of other passenger lists.


ding Church Records Information Consolidated (24 Oct 1999)
We have expanded and consolidated all information dealing with Cuban Church Records on one web page for ease of reference. The page includes a new list of the available LDS microfilms of Cuban Parish records (only one is available); a description of the indexes and transcriptions of Cuban Parish Records compiled by the Cuban Genealogical Society; as well as the addresses and telephone numbers of the Catholic Archdiocesis, Diocesis, and several Catholic and Baptist Churches of Cuba.


dingCarraffa Index now On-Line (26 Sept 1999)
The US Library of Congress has recently made available an interactive on-line index to the more than 15,000 names included in the 88 volume work Enciclopedia Heráldica y Genealógica Hispano-Americana of Alberto and Arturo Garcia Carraffa. The index also encompasses the continuation work by Endika de Mogrobejo, and displays a list of the libraries in the US that have the Carraffa work in their collection. By using this search engine you can find the names, volume and page number where the names appear in the Enciclopedia. The index is located at: Index to the Enciclopedia Heraldica Hispano-Americana of Alberto and Arturo Garcia Carraffa. . We have added this information to our Lookup Your Surnames web page.

Thanks to Silvia M. Quiñones de Belgodere of the Sociedad Puertoriqueña de Genealogía for providing us the above information.


ding New Milestones Reached (19 Sept 1999)
Several milestones have been recently achieved by CubaGenWeb. We have just welcomed the 40,000th visitor to our web site since our home page counter was initialized on 4 July 1996. Our surname Query Bulletin Board continues to gain in popularity and recently surpassed 1890 messages posted. (Please remember that only surname queries should be posted on this bulletin board). Our CUBA-L genealogy mailing list now boasts 196 subscribers.


ding New Surname Query Board Features (8 July 1999)
The GenConnect team has added the following new features to the Cuban Surname Query Board:

  • Ability to preview and edit your posting as many times as you want before actually posting the message.
  • A built in searchbar on the main page. This allows to search the posted queries by keywords or phrases, to set the number of messages displayed on the page and also to determine in what order they are displayed. The old "Search/Personalize Your Display" controls are still available for advanced searching such as searching by the person who posted.
  • The automatic notifications now show the surname list and where to go to read the message, and also where to subscribe and unsubscribe to the automatic notification list.

Along with the above changes, we have updated and reorganized the Bulletin Board Instructions. We hope that these changes will make the board easier to use.


ding List of Generals Added (6 Jun 1999)
A list of the 141 Generals of the Cuban Army of Liberation 1895-1898, whose short biographies appear in the book by Mario Riera Hernández, has been added to the web site. Check the list out and maybe you will find a "Mambí" ancestor.


ding Spanish Language Genealogy Computer Program (24 Apr 1999)
We recently learnt of the availability of a genealogy computer program that can print reports in the Spanish Language and can even operate with Spanish language menus and commands, merely by changing the program preferences. The program is Cumberland Family Tree. This program is shareware, that is you can download and utilize the fully functional program for a trial period of 45 days. After the trial period, many features of the program become inoperable unless you purchase a license for use.

We have updated our page on Choosing a Genealogy Computer Program, adding the above information and adding a list of the most popular genealogy programs currently available, with links to their web sites.


ding Carraffa Encyclopedia Being Expanded (24 Apr 1999)
One of the major reference works about the genealogy of hispanic-american families is the monumental Enciclopedia Heráldica y Genealógica Hispano-Americana of the brothers Carraffa. Unfortunately, the Carraffa brothers both died before completing the work. They did manage to complete 86 volumes, reaching the surname Urriza. Now, a group of genealogists in Bilbao, Spain, has picked up where Carraffa left off. They now have completed 13 volumes, having reached the surname Zamora. If you are researching surnames in the alphabetic range of Urriza to Zamora, be sure to check out our listing of volumes of this new collection (as additional volumes become available we will add them to the list).


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