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  1. Be sure to search for alternate spellings, as many ship and port names were mispelt in the newspaper articles.

  2. All accents have been removed to facilitate searching.

  3. If you can't find the ship name you are looking for, try using wildcards in your search. "%" is equivalent to any number of characters, "_" (underscore) is equivalent to a single character.

  4. If you still can't find the ship name or date, please check back at some future time as we continue transcribing ships as time permits.

  5. The spelling of ship names and ports have not been corrected - they are transcribed as they appear in the originals.

  6. A "?" or "." indicates that the data was not available or was illegible in the reference. A "-" indicates a single character that was illegible in the reference. A "(?)" after the data indicates our best guess for the illegible data.

  7. Port names are usually given in the English version (Cayo Hueso = Key West, Santomas = Saint Thomas).

  8. In Ref A, the number following the ship's name is used to differentiate the voyage if the same ship is listed more than once.

  9. References D & E did not indicate the ship names. Passenger names, however, have been transcribed to the database.

  10. Reference F did not indicate the ship's name except in the case of a few families. Where available, the ship names appear in the passengers data base but they probably do not appear in the above ships list.


dingPort Names

Some ports were known then by a different name than at present. Here are some port names that may not be obvious:

old port name current port name
Cuba Santiago de Cuba
Puerto Rico San Juan
Mobila Mobile
Cayo Hueso Key West
Aspinwall Colon


The names of some ports sometimes varied in different shipping and/or passenger lists. To facilitate searching we have tried to always use a preferred form of the name as follows:


Preferred name Alternate versions
St. Thomas Santomas, Santhomas, San Tomas
Le Havre Havre, el Havre
New Orleans Nueva Orleans, N. Orleans
Veracruz Beracruz
Puerto Rico Pto. Rico
New York N. York
Philadelphia Filadelfia
Martinique La Martinica

Please note that the term "& escalas" signifies "and intermediate stops".


dingShip Types

Spanish English propulsion notes
de guerra warship -  
correo mail ship -  
vapor steamship steam  
fragata frigate sail (steam after the 1850's) 3 masts rigged with multiple sails. Often a heavily armed warship.
balandra sloop sail small ship with a deck and 1 mast
bergantin brigantine sail 2 masts - at least one square rigged
polacra - sail small brigantine - 2 or 3 square rigged masts with no mast platforms
corbeta corvette sail 3 square rigged masts - small frigate
goleta schooner sail 2 or 3 masts of equal length
pailebot - sail small schooner - shorter forward mast
polnera ? sail ? (not in Diccionario de la Lengua Española)
lugre lugger sail small ship - 3 masts with sails in thirds and flying topsail.
bal. vivero fish farm raft ?  
místico - sail coastal ship with 3 (sometimes 2) masts.



Where available in the source we have indicated the nationality after the ship type using the following abbreviations:

Abbreviation meaning
belg belga (Belgian)
brem from Bremen (Germany)
au austriaca/o (Austrian)
am americana/o (USA)
esp española/o (Spanish)
fr frances/a (French)
ing ingles (British)
germ germanico/a (German)
CR from Costa Rica
sardo from Sardinia


dingSource Abbreviations

(see data base main page for more details)

code source published in
AER Archivos Españoles en la Red (Spain Archives on the Web - now PARES - Portal de Archivos Españoles) the Internet
BP El Bien Publico Santiago de Cuba
CPI Catalogo de Pasajeros a Indias Seville & Madrid
DH Diario de La Habana La Habana
DLM Diario de La Marina La Habana
GH Gaceta de La Habana La Habana
JP Jorge Piñón unpublished - transcribed from Municipal Archives in Gijon
MR/DC Miriam Rivera & David Chudleigh unpublished
SM Ship Manifests (from destination port)
UC La Union Constitucional La Habana
VC La Voz de Cuba La Habana


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