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Wilson, Miyares & Valiente - Family History


Maria Wilson Lanuza
Maria Wilson Jose Gonzalez Lanuza


Through the generosity and effort of Alvaro R. Cosculluela we are pleased to be able to present the work "Family History - Wilson, Miyares & Valiente" by Ricardo Wilson y Miyares (deceased in Habana in 1951). The final manuscript of this unique work was hand produced in ink and illuminated in color by a group of monks in Portugal, in the year 1940. The book was dedicated by the author to his niece, Carmen Villalon y Wilson de Cosculluela.

The original book, consisting of 451 pages, was commercially scanned at his own expense and is now made available for the first time for personal non-commercial use, by Carmen's son and grand-nephew of the author, Alvaro R. Cosculluela.

The book has never been published, although parts of the content may be known by some genealogists to whom the author or his family may have shown some documents.

The book contains, not only data on the principal and related families, but also data about Cuban History and, in particular, data about the original families that populated Santiago de Cuba

Certain parts of the book are written in English, mainly those related to the Wilsons. The rest is written in Spanish.


This work is registered under copyright laws and reproduction by any means, be it material or electronic, is strictly prohibited. All rights are reserved and the work cannot be reproduced in any form without corresponding written permission from the present owner. ©2009 Alvaro R. Cosculluela, Miami, Florida, USA.


dingTechnical Notes

All the files are presented in Adobe PDF® format. You need the free Acrobat Reader® software to read them. If you do not have this software, you can download it from the link at the left.

Because the pages are scanned images of the original hand-written and illustrated manuscript, most of the files are fairly large and may take significant time to download, specially on dial-up connections. We have noted the size of each file after the description for your convenience (MB = Megabytes, KB = kilobytes).





Cuadernos (Parts)

  1. Wilson, Miyares & Valiente - Genealogy (1.4 MB)
  2. Wilson - Descendant Genealogy (in English) (2.3 MB)
  3. Wilson - History of a branch of the Wilson Family in Bucks County, PA, USA. (in English) (9.5 MB)
  4. Miyares - Descendant Genealogy (3.2 MB)
  5. Miyares y Gonzalez; Miyares y Perez - Surname Studies (6.4 MB)
  6. Miyares Family - Manuscript of Rita Armiñan y Miyares Miyares (18.4 MB)
  7. Valiente - Descendant Genealogy (3.7 MB)
  8. Valiente Family - Copy of manuscript of Ambrosio Valiente y Duany (10.3 MB)
  9. Valiente Family - Notes taken from Verdadera Historia de la Conquista de la Nueva España (True History of the Conquest of New Spain) by Bernal Diaz de Castillo (600 KB)
  10. Valiente Family - Genealogical notes taken from La Republica (The Republic) of Santiago de Cuba of March 30, 1908. (500 KB)
  11. Valiente Family - Notes taken from Diccionario Auto-biografico de Conquistadores y Pobladores de Nueva España (Autobiographical Dictionary of Conquerors and Settlers of New Spain) by Francisco A. de Icaza (666 KB)
  12. Appendix - La Puerta y Carbayo (Collateral family) (5.4 MB)


Related Documents

  • Valiente Family (with Cisneros, Castro, Horrozco, Duque de Estrada & Nuñez de Guzman) - Copy of manuscript by Ambrosio Valiente Duany by Ricardo Wilson with permission of the family. Partial transcription of Section 8 of book by A.R.C. (31 KB)
  • Santiago de Cuba - Historic Chronology (12 KB)


dingDisclaimers and Warnings

  • The accuracy of any information in this study is not guaranteed.
  • This book is based on a family study and is not an official document nor does it pretend to be.
  • This information should not be used for legal or financial purposes.
  • The data in this book has not been confirmed or verified. Use at your own risk.
  • This work is registered under copyright laws and reproduction by any means, be it material or electronic, is strictly prohibited. All rights are reserved and the work cannot be reproduced in any form without the corresponding written permission. ©2009 Alvaro R. Cosculluela, Miami, Florida, USA.


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Wilson Family History - Updated 20-May-2009

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