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Lists of Census Employees

Transcription notes

Abbreviations used

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Lists of Census Employees


Lists of Census Employees

The Census publications from Cuba do not contain names of the enumerated individuals. They do, however, contain listings of the employees that took part in the Census. These listings may be useful since they provide the employees full names and position (job) in the organization, and also the names of the municipalities and barrios where they were assigned if enumerators or instructors. The listings of the 1919 Census also include the names of functionaries and employees at the main office of the Census (from the Director General down to the cleaners and watchmen).

We currently have completed transcribing the following:

1899 Census (in a mixture of English and Spanish) - 1643 names total.

  • Employees of the Office of the Assitant Director - 8 names
  • Enumerators of PInar del Rio Province - 163 names
  • Enumerators of Habana Province - 367 names
  • Enumerators of Matanzas Province - 245 names
  • Enumerators of Santa Clara Province - 375 names
  • Enumerators of Puerto Principe Province - 150 names
  • Enumerators of the Province of Santiago de Cuba - 335 names

1919 Census (in English) - 3901 names total.

  • Employees of the Office of the General Director - 731 names
  • Enumerators of Pinar del Rio Province - 319 names
  • Enumerators of Habana Province - 760 names
  • Enumerators of Matanzas Province - 361 names
  • Enumerators of Santa Clara Province -649 names
  • Enumerators of Camagüey Province - 261 names
  • Enumerators of Oriente Province - 820 names


We wish to thank Miguel Angel Fernandez Gonzalez, Vicepresident of Hispagen, for providing us with a copy of the employees listing from the 1899 and 1919 Census.

To review these lists, first read the instructions below and then go to the search form using the following button:

Search Form


Transcription Notes

  1. We have transcribed the names as published, without any attempt to correct spelling. The 1899 Census, in poarticular, has numerous spelling errors, such as the name Gillermo instead of Guillermo, etc.

  2. All accents have been removed from names and surnames to facilitate sorting and finding. The dieresis has also been removed from the letter ü for the same reason.

  3. Names such as "del Rio" or "de la Torre" appear as "Rio (del)" and "Torre (de la)" to facilitate sorting and finding.

  4. In the provincial enumerators listings the same person may appear more than once. Some individuals were assigned to more than one district. Instructors often were also assigned to enumerate a district.

  5. In the provincial enumerator listings sometimes it was not clear whether a name was a middle name or a surname. We took our best guess after consulting the Diccionario Espasa de Apellidos Españoles. Please let us know if you recognize the name and we transcribed it incorrectly.

  6. An ID number has been assigned to each entry. This ID consists of the census year, followed by a dash and a serial number. The serial numbers have been assigned in the following blocks:

    • 0001-0999 - central "bureaucracy" of the census office
    • 1001-1999 - province of Pinar del Rio
    • 2001-2999 - province of Habana
    • 3001-3999 - province of Matanzas
    • 4001-4999 - province of Santa Clara
    • 5001-5999 - province of Camagüey / Puerto Principe
    • 6001-6999 - province of Oriente / Santiago de Cuba

    Note that the provinces of Camagüey and Oriente had different names in the 1899 census.

  7. In the 1899 Census the column headed "District" contains the Judicial District. In the 1919 Census the column headed "District" contains the code for the zone assigned to the enumerator.


Abbreviations Used

abbreviation meaning
ODC Office of the Director General
Stat. Dept Statistical Department
Elec. Reg. Dept Electoral Register Department


Translation Terms

The 1899 and 1919 Census Reports were published in English by the US Government.


Instructions for using the search form:

  1. First select the alphabetic file where the surname you seek falls, using the drop down menu at the lower left corner of the form.

  2. The names will initially appear in alphabetical order of "Surname 1", then sorted by "Surname 2" and finally sorted by "Name(s)"

  3. Use the scroll bar on the right to scroll through the list.

  4. Click the "Page Up" or "Page Down" buttons to see the previous or next page of the list.

  5. Click any of the blue buttons to sort the information by the contents of that column. Clicking again will reverse the order of the sort. Clicking by the "year-#" column will make the records appear in the original order as they were published.

  6. To search for a particular surname:

    • Write the desired last name in the green box above the column titled "Surname 1". You can use the standard wildcards "?" (meaning any letter) and "*" (meaning any sequence of letters). You can also enter only the first few letters of the name to broaden the search. Do not use any accents, but do use the letter "ñ" if applicable.

    • Click on the green "Search" button. (the box immediately to the left of the "Search" button will tell you the number of entries found by your search criteria)

    • You can also search for the maternal surname in "Surname 2". You can also search the contents of any of the other columns.

    • Click the "Clear All" button to clear the grid in preparation for a new search.

    • Click the "List All" button to see all the entries in the file.


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